Pantry Inventory Template – FREE Food Planning Printable

Looking for a way to get your kitchen storage sorted in style? Organize and arrange with neat precision with these cute free printables, whether you are a restaurant, prepper, or home cook. This free printable pantry inventory PDF template is exactly what you need to get your pantry or food cupboards listed and organized!

Preparation is the key to success in any kitchen and that is why I created these grocery list templates to keep my kitchen store cupboards under control, even if you don’t have an actual pantry.

Use this free pantry inventory template printable for all your kitchen stock keeping. Never let another grocery expire or become lost and forgotten at the back of your pantry!

Just like in a commercial kitchen, being organized with a printable home inventory list can help save you time, money, and energy by avoiding the wasting of food.

You can also keep track of what foods you do have easily and arrange your weekly shopping budget better by not over-buying.

It is so easy to get started because below you will find some of my printable templates in PDF format you can download for free and print off on your home printer straight away. You don’t need Google sheets to use this template.

Etsy is full of these printable pantry sheets for a price, but I’ve created this one 100% free and no signup is required.

sheet template to list your pantry contents
Different options for this food pantry template download

Keeping a well-stocked kitchen is easy with a pantry inventory

I have always kept a supply of staple goods in the cupboard. No, it is not “stockpiling”. Our grandmothers used to do this back in the day. It just makes good sense to be able to whip up a meal in minutes using canned or dried goods. But if you are anything like me, you will notice that there are things lurking in the back of your pantry or food storage cupboards that are way past their use by date. I used to make discoveries of products that were so old, that the packaging design had changed by the time I used it up and replaced it!

This was me until I realized I could keep track of my kitchen goods simply by using a few sheets of paper and my creative design skills. Luckily you won’t have to do that as I have uploaded the PDF’s for you to instantly download and print for free!

inventory sheet for the kitchen

How do I organize my pantry inventory with this template?

To keep track of the food in your pantry you can keep an inventory list (using this template) of everything you have in stock. It is important that you keep it up to date. Make sure that you itemize everything you have in your pantry and kitchen. This includes canned goods, packets of dried foods, and even sauces and herbs, and spices. Whether you are keeping a record of tinned hotdogs, ketchup, or how much basil you have, it is important to note how much of it you have and what the expiry date is on the pack or jar. Herbs can go beyond their shelf life too and it is best if you don’t use expired products.

What if you have a small pantry or only kitchen cupboards to inventory?

Not everyone has a large Pinterest-perfect kitchen, so if you are struggling for space it is even more important to get organized as they can be more of a mess. With a printable inventory sheet, keeping track of what foods you already have in your supplies will be easy. You can then stack and arrange tins and packets of food with this food storage inventory sheet. It comes in a pdf format. in this way, you can fit more in and you need only then to refer to your handy master list to see what you have in hand. You can then build shopping lists around this information and make sure you don’t let food go beyond its expiry date and get spoiled.

How to print my pantry inventory template

To print these lists, simply download and save to your home computer. I recommend making a new folder for these printables on your desktop or documents folder. Then open up the file and go to File > Print. Choose your correct printer and how many copies you want. You may print as many copies as you wish. It is super easy to print enough for a 3 month supply of food stock. Track your groceries with ease and style by using these templates regularly.

Choose from either black or white or color below:

Color version

Black and white version

a colorful pantry inventory template

How to make a pantry inventory list

Of course, printing out these worksheets is just the first step. You then have to keep track of your groceries by filling them in and keeping them up to date on a regular basis. Make sure you add and remove the quantities in the tally boxes as you go along. If you are busy, don’t just think “Ok, I will update the list later.” Trust me, you will never get around to it and your pantry tracker will be off! When you come back from the grocery store, make sure you update it. If you are taking things out of your cupboards or pantry whilst cooking, still update it. It will save you time and energy in the long run.

What on earth is FIFO and why should I care?

This is a simple system used in restaurant kitchens that you can apply to your kitchen at home and look like a domestic goddess! FIFO stands for First In, First Out. My husband is a professional chef and he was adamant when we first moved in together that we follow this system to the letter. Simply put, arrange your food storage so that the items with the closest expiration date are at the front of your pantry or store cupboard, and position the newest items from your latest grocery shop at the back. This inventory template is great for creating a handy list of your pantry items. It can get a little tricky if you are short on space, but you can get some cool storage hacks to help you if you struggle.

The takeaway on using a pantry tracker

An organized pantry is the key to survival in your kitchen so make sure you get this PDF free food pantry inventory template! As the chief homemaker or prepper, it is your duty to prevent food wastage and buying too much food in your weekly shop – very important because of the cost of living now. If you over-buy just one item a week or every fortnight you can end up with way too much stock of one particular canned or packaged good or on your hands before you know it.

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