Free Printable Outdoor Treasure Hunt Clues

Birthday parties are a big deal in our house. I mean, a big deal. We always throw our everything into making a super special day that will be remembered all year round and possibly forever! A birthday comes but once a year so what better way to celebrate a party than to host a treasure hunt! It can be very time consuming to set one up but with these free printable outdoor treasure hunt clues everything is done for you. What is more amazing than a free party game for any occasion? This is a great backyard treasure hunt printable for anyone to use for making a day extra special. Or use as a free rainy-day activity for hanging around the house or garden!

Coming up with endless ideas for riddles and clues for a treasure hunt is a tough job. It takes a long time to come up with a whole set of riddles and clues for a backyard treasure hunt. You have to think it through – a lot. These clues have been well thought out, and designed to make a good backyard scavenger hunt game for kids that they will love. All the clues have been designed for a safe activity that all ages can participate in. Kids ages 6-11 are the perfect age range for this printable treasure hunt game so bear that in mind when downloading the free printable pdf.

Free printable treasure hunt clues

These clues are ideal for hiding around your backyard or garden. They really get the kids up and about and running around – here, there and everywhere. So make sure the yard is safe and clear of any potential obstacles you don’t want to be overturned beforehand. Or set clear boundaries before the game begins. It’s a great way to keep a group of kids entertained for half an hour or so. The clues are simple enough for you to be able to hide them and let the children find them all by themselves. The riddles have been designed to be challenging but not too tricky for them to solve themselves!

Get the pdf file download here for the treasure hunt.

How to use the outdoor treasure hunt clues

All you have to do is download, print and cut out. Then use the included instruction sheet to hide the riddles where appropriate. Remember, you have to work backwards which can be tricky as you need to think about where the next clue will lead. The first clue or rhyming riddle should be handed to the child. Or it should be hidden with a verbal clue or inside something like a balloon and tell them that it needs popping to start the game!

Do you need a backyard to complete this treasure hunt?

These printable treasure hunt clues have been worded with a backyard in mind, but you don’t necessarily need to have a garden. An outdoor public space like a park or creation centre might work for most of the riddles. You may need to remove some clues or reword in some cases. The blank template for creating your own treasure hunt is also included which might be useful here for adapting the game to suit your needs. You can simply print it off and fill it in by hand if this is what you want to do.

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