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Times tables used to scare me silly when I was little. Memories of sitting in a classroom waiting to be called upon and having multiplication puzzles fired at you on a Monday morning would bring anyone out in a cold sweat. Especially when your teacher was anything like mine. My child is now of an age where he needs to learn times tables at school. To help him out, I created this free printable multiplication chart pdf worksheet for him to use on his homework. It’s a great handy chart to refer to at home and supplements the one he tells me he uses at school.

What is more, it looks colorful and is clear and easy to use. He often picks it up now and quizzes the rest of us around the home when we are least expecting it! If you homeschool your children, then you will find this useful. If you simply want to give your child extra help with maths homework then this is great too.

free Printable Multiplication Chart

Printable Multiplication Chart free PDF download

I looked online first to see if I could find some printable maths worksheets that cover multiplication, but all I found were plain designs that didn’t look very inspiring. I thought about the task from a child’s perspective and realized that maths can be fun if it is colorful! Also, it is hard to find a free printable multiplication chart. a lot of websites want you to pay for them, so I was determined to make one for free. Education shouldn’t come at a price. Not when we pay for schools anyway and there are often a lot of free printables online if you can find them. Unfortunately, that usually means sifting through loads of adverts for paid listings too. I’m trying to put together a list of educational worksheets for kids and want everyone to be able to access them for free.

Did you know that mathematics is easily the most feared and dreaded subject amongst children and adults alike? Times have changed since I was little and printed and photocopied black and white worksheets were trendy. Teachers in my school used to love them for some reason. Did they ever learn that pencil did not photocopy well? No, they did not. Every day was a school day for them too!

Looking for a 12×12 multiplication table? This one is for younger children up to a certain grade. This printable pdf is a 10×10 multiplication chart that is free and you can use to teach your children times tables. Just a little revision or studying after school. It comes in pdf format for easy printing. Simply select the download option below. Also included is a suitably colorful and coordinating times tables chart.

You can find the downloadable pdf here for the multiplication square

If you want the multiplication times tables, then download the pdf here

How to use the multiplication grid pdf

Just download and then go to File>Print. You don’t necessarily need Adobe Acrobat Reader if you have a modern web browser like Google Chrome. Just clicking print is sufficient. The license I am providing means you can print as many copies as you like for home and personal use. If you are a teacher or a larger organization in a school then please contact me for additional usage rights. I want everyone to have fun using these sheets, so that’s why I am giving them away for free.

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