Free Printable Cleaning List Template – Download this PDF Cleaning Schedule

If you are anything like me, then you don’t love cleaning your house or apartment! Luckily we can add an element of fun by using these gorgeous printable cleaning checklists to make the task much more appealing! I’ve put together this cleaning list template for anyone to use. It comes in PDF format for instant printing.

Just download the PDF or image file and then print off. Then all you have to do is tick off the items as you clean. Alternatively, you can laminate them and reuse again and again to save paper.

If you are even more lazy, then you can use my pre-filled option which has all the regular cleaning tasks you might expect to find in a normal house all filled in for you! Just select the option below and get started with this printable house cleaning checklist. PDF format is used in any Acrobat Reader or web browser such as Chrome.

This is not a Microsoft Word file. You can edit and make the changes in your web browser or Adobe Acrobat. Print as many copies as you need for free. You’re welcome 🙂

You can buy cleaning planners on Etsy just like this. Or you can save the money and use this one for free. Use the money for your printing costs instead. Everyone needs to save right now, right?

Cleaning is never easy, let’s face it. But with these cleaning checklists it is so much easier. It is actually very rewarding to be able to tick off activities off as you do them. If you have kids, then this is a great opportunity to get them involved. Many children are visual learners, so they love to tick things off your chart after they have finished helping you with a chore or item from your cleaning list. Win, win for you.

Weekly cleaning checklist

This is the main section of the cleaning rota template. There is a section and tick boxes for every day of the week in which your house cleaning needs to be done. You can fill these in inside the PDF or by hand with a pen or pencil. Then there are sections in the cleaning printout for the chores that need to be done every month, like cleaning out the fridge. After that, there are sections for the things that need to be done quarterly. Finally, there is a box on the cleaning schedule for tasks that need to be every year.

Using your blank printable cleaning checklist template

To use your template, simply choose either PDF or JPG file format and download the appropriate file size below. Then print off. To do this, you need to select Print from the menu and send to your personal home printer. You could even use Microsoft Word or OpenOffice to add the image to and then print from there if you do not want to use your operating system print dialog (but that is the easiest option).

Then simply fill in the checklist, or laminate using a home laminating machine and fill in with a whiteboard marker to reuse again and again. All my files are produced at high quality 300 DPI so they look amazing when printed out.

There is enough space to even use the 6/10 rule when cleaning your house. This is where you complete 6 daily cleaning tasks and 10 a week. This has been popularized by a TIkTok user but is very simple and anyone can incorporate it into their schedule.

If you want it to be super easy then select the already filled version of the file to download and print for free. This version of the house cleaning chart has already been filled in for you with some blank spaces for your extra chores, so you can use it as a sort of a cleaning cheat sheet. You will find spaces for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly chores in this house cleaning schedule template. All done for you, just download and print the PDF.

I have mine fixed with blue-tack onto the inside of a cupboard door for reference. Then, when I have some spare time (ha!) I just look at whichever day I am on and then complete the tasks. Sometimes, I just complete whichever ones I feel like doing, or the cleaning tasks I have time to fit in.

The handy thing about having a checklist template is that once you are finished with your chore, you can simply tick it off. Nothing is more satisfying – believe me!

Download the printable files

Blank Cleaning Schedule Templates:

A4 PDF or A4 JPG file

A5 PDF or A5 JPG file

US Letter Size PDF or US Letter JPG file

Happy Planner Classic PDF or Happy Planner Classic JPG file

If you are short on time, then these are what you are looking for!

Pre-Filled Cleaning List Template:

If you want to download a cleaning cheat sheet with the chores and tasks already filled in then use the links below.


Zip files include:

  • A4 PDF & A4 JPG file
  • A5 PDF & A5 JPG file
  • US Letter Size PDF & US Letter JPG file
  • Happy Planner Classic PDF & Happy Planner Classic JPG file

Finally, once you have your house cleaning template printable fixed up on the wall make sure you fill it in! Check it regularly to keep on top of the housework. The tasks in the already completed sections have been split logically and evenly to make sure you only have to do a little bit of cleaning each day.

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