About Me

Hi, welcome to my blog. My name is Annie and I am a graphic designer. I created this site as a way of organizing my printable templates in such a way as that I can actually find them!

I have over 15 years experience as a designer. I have a HND in graphic design and have won various awards for my work. I once even won a competition to design graphics for Snoop Dog when I first started out. Photoshop really is my oldest friend 🙂

When I am not working on client projects (or buying too many silver cushions… or too much photography equipment!) I love to create printables for everything. They help me declutter my head so I can focus my mind on bigger ideas! 🙂 If you are anything like me you will realize how important it is to keep your life plotted out on bits of paper! Also, if you are like me, you probably have various notebooks and journals already scattered around the house with notes here and there. I was like that until I started using my own templates for just about everything.

I started off with my first ever printable cleaning planner and went from there. Creating the first file was really quite a learning curve, but I had fun doing it and it was so rewarding when I saw how pretty and cute it looks on the inside of my cupboard door!

Eventually, I had to get a binder for some of my templates as I started printing out to many of them! My computer was starting to get a little disorganized too with all the various versions of my files. Oops!

That is why I set up this site to keep track of my files, but also to help others who find it tricky keeping track of things. Jotting down ideas and important dates on a planner is an essential part of being organized. And if they look good too then that is just a bonus! All the printable files I have created here for the site are high quality, beautifully designed, oh so cute and can be printed on a standard printer at home. I have made it as easy as simply downloading and clicking print.

Hope you enjoy using the printables as I had fun making them


Annie 🙂